View Full Version : Cooke XVa lenses

Diane Maher
17-Sep-2009, 05:32
I have been looking into purchasing the Cooke XVa recently and received some information from Barbara Lowry at Cooke yesterday that surprised me and she has said that I could pass it on here. So...

"There will be a limited number of XVa 8x10 lenses that we make this time. Very honestly, there were parts left over from the first production run and we will be making up to that number of those lenses. I don't know exactly how many that will turn out to be, but am confident that unless we get overwhelmed with requests for 8x10 version of the XVa after this run, it won't be made again. There are pre-orders for the XVa, so it would probably be a good idea to get your name in there with one of the dealers now."

If you are on the fence about purchasing one of these lenses, now is the time.


Robert Hall
17-Sep-2009, 08:23
Yes, thank you. I have one on order, wish I could swing two.