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Ken Lee
16-Sep-2009, 10:49
Can anyone recommend an affordable electric/magnetic stirring option ?

I've seen electric stirrers for making whipped cream, but don't know if they would hold up when immersed in photo chemicals.

I've used magnetic stirrers in Chemistry class, but perhaps there is something easier or cheaper ?

Thanks !

John Bowen
16-Sep-2009, 11:19

I purchased 2 for about $40 on Ebay about 5 years ago. I use one and give one to a fellow photographer. These werer well used units but still performed their designed function. These were the chemistry class type of magnetic stirrers.

Good luck,

Daniel Grenier
16-Sep-2009, 11:21
Try these, Ken. http://www.thermo.com/eThermo/CMA/PDFs/Product/productPDF_7430.pdf
I use an old model which I got from work free. I don't know how expensive new these are but no likely cheap. eBay would be an obvious start for an older one. Note that you can have them as both stirrer/hot plate or single use and they do work well for mixing chemicals. Cheers - Daniel

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
16-Sep-2009, 11:58
New these can be very expensive, although you can get no-name models for about $100 new. I have no idea how well the no-names work, and would recommend a used Thermodyne or Corning. Look on eBay or perhaps locally on Craigslist.

I bought a used Corning stirrer/heater on eBay for $40 a few years back to replace an ancient Thermodyne which I had used for over 15 years. Buy the PTFE coated stirring bars new from Carolina or your favorite lab supply store. Getting one of the magnetic retrieval sticks is helpful.

16-Sep-2009, 15:25
My technician has had good luck finding used gear for our lab from LabX (http://www.labx.com) . All sorts of stuff there.


16-Sep-2009, 17:35
Look for a Kinderman on ebay (if they don't still make them).

17-Sep-2009, 20:02
Magnetic stirrers from chem lab are perfect for mixing chemicals in the darkroom. I have two of them, both picked up used from Ebay. You have to search a bit to find them but they are there. Pretty pricey to buy new though. I found that the price of the stir bars is almost equal to the cost of the stirrer! I had to search around for the stir bars and purchased a set of different sized ones and a magnetic wand to remove them from the containers. Mine is not heated which is fine because I mix in plastic containers. But if you mix up things like gold toner or other solutions that would benefit from heat, you might buy one of the heated units and a glass beaker of some sort.

Keith Pitman
17-Sep-2009, 20:30
Mine is a Wein. Found it on Ebay a few years ago. It works fine, but the edges of the stainless steel box are VERY sharp and I gave myself a serious cut a few years ago. I wrapped them with tape afterwards, but still handle with care.

Kirk Keyes
18-Sep-2009, 14:52
I'd suggest a stirring hotplate. Two useful things in one box. I like Corning brand.

18-Sep-2009, 15:05
I'd suggest a stirring hotplate. Two useful things in one box. I like Corning brand.

That would be my recommendation also.

I have a Corning Stirring Hotplate that I bought on ebay for much less than $100 a few years ago and it has made mixing chemicals a much easier task.

Sandy King

eric mac
18-Sep-2009, 16:30
I use a paint stirrer with a battery drill. It works well when I am doing those gallon sized mixes of D76 and Dektol. I think the last one cost me around five bucks. Most of us have a drill lying around.

The magnetic stirrer would probably be used if i were using Hc110 again.


Ken Lee
18-Sep-2009, 18:11
Many thanks to all !!