View Full Version : can the rear of an anastigmat 150mm 7.7 cover 8*10 inch

16-Sep-2009, 08:40
Hi all,

crazy question, I know,
I have a very old self cocking shutter with an 7.7 anastigmat lens from a
kodak folder. Works fine on 4*5 inch, nice sharp images with enough subtle

I tend to often use the backs of this kind of lenses, (works great on my
schneider isconar), but assumed this very small lens would never be capable
of covering 8*10 inch with one lens element,

Now I used the back-part, and I was in for a surprise. Not only did the angle of
view seem very large, the center was reasonable sharp, and when stopping down
quite a bit, a rather sharp image occured corner to corner,

Did anybody try something similar to this? The front part of the lens is all
fuzz and unsharp.



Philippe Grunchec
16-Sep-2009, 09:02
I've tried a Lumière Spector 4.5/135 from a Lumière Krita and a Voigtländer Radiar 6.8/135 from a Bergheil on my Toyo 45AII and got nice results with the lens(es) stopped down. On my Toyo 810M I got... round images which I found amusing! I also have a 7.7/130 Kodak Anastigmat with a self-cocking shutter from a Kodak N°1A Autographic Junior (using 116 film:D ): I should adapt it on my LF cameras!

Robert Hughes
16-Sep-2009, 09:06
I've got a Wollensak 101mm lens that covers 8x10 - just not all at once!:)