View Full Version : Filter:Rodenstock Sinaron SE 240mm f/5.6

James Sullivan
16-Sep-2009, 00:38
Hello All,
I currently own the above lens (which have 86mm filter ring) and a 105mm Lee's Polariser.

I am now in the process of finding the right filter/ring(s) for the lens and polariser.
Currently I am considering the following:
- 86mm UV filter
- 86->95 step up ring
- 95->105 step up ring (for connecting to the polariser - I don't know any 86->105 ring)

Could anyone please advise whether the above approach would cause
vignetting? Any alternative suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you in advance


John Schneider
16-Sep-2009, 01:22
I don't know any 86->105 ring

Heliopan makes such a ring (I have one). Rod at Photomark 602-244-1133 is the go-to guy for all less-common Heliopan items.

However using a UV and a polarizer is superfluous, at least in terms of blocking UV. The pola alone will do it. And if you want to do the typical thing and polarize the scene and warm it as well, a warming polarizer is a better bet than stacking filters.