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15-Sep-2009, 09:17
Hi all,
This is a two-part question:
I would like to try PMK developer for the first time (the liquid two-solution version); is there anything I should do differently, or be aware of with this developer? I have heard not to use a fixer with a hardening agent, for example.
I have always used D-76 and HC-110 in rotating tanks.
Second has anyone tried this developer with Shanghai films? I know it's unlikely, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
Many thanks in advance,

Daniel Unkefer
16-Sep-2009, 18:26
I have no real experience with Shanghai (yet) but I intend to use it quite a bit. I did a couple of test negatives (5x7) in PMK+ and it stained quite nicely. I have 100 sheets of the 5x7, and this week I received 200 sheets of the 4x5. As it's probably an old emulsion formula, it shows alot of promise.

I developed the 5x7 film in a Unicolor 8x10 print drum, on a Uniroller. Worked very well.

16-Sep-2009, 22:44
Thanks Daniel, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your results. I'm starting to waffle on using PMK due to its hazardous nature(I live in an apartment), and I don't like the idea of "suiting up" to develop film. Maybe I'm overreacting?
I agree though about the film's quality being quite good, esp. in portraiture.
Please let me know how it goes, and whether it's as toxic as it sounds in the literature.

Daniel Unkefer
16-Sep-2009, 22:53
I had a darkroom in my old apartment, and I used PMK without any problems. I did wear rubber gloves when pouring the solutions, and ran water to rinse off any drops that spilled. And I never had any problems with PMK, you can read more about it in Hutchings book.

Jim MacKenzie
24-Sep-2009, 18:08
I agree with the plan to use gloves. Also, be sure to agitate frequently and violently. I agitate very violently every 15 seconds.

I haven't shot LF Shanghai yet, but I've done some 120 in PMK and I was very pleased with the results.