View Full Version : Omega F 10" x 10" Condenser Enlarger

Ray Astley
15-Sep-2009, 04:52
Has Anyone got one of the above enlargers,have got one but trying to find someone else, Ray

Gene McCluney
15-Sep-2009, 11:00
I've got the dichroic color head version of this.

15-Sep-2009, 11:15
Just hauled mine home, haven't had time to install it. Dichro Head here also.

Ray Astley
15-Sep-2009, 19:01
Would just love to find another person with this condenser head,it is a monster,but fantastic with all the triple head condensers,2 14" condensers and 10" condenser. Plus spare set. Had it shipped over from New Jersey for me to England.Best money I have ever spent.