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Mike Lewis
14-Sep-2009, 17:10
I recently purchased a Schneider Apo-Tele-Xenar 400 Compact to use with my Linhof Technika V. I already had a Linhof lensboard meant for a Copal #3 shutter, which is used by this lens. However, this lens does not fit into this lensboard-- the lens has a spacer ring which I think is to keep the shutter away from the lensboard a bit, and a collar ring that fits inside the spacer ring. The collar ring is a bit too big for the lensboard hole. My lensboard has a 64mm hole, and the lens' collar ring has an outside diameter of 65mm.

Could someone please educate me on this? The diagram with dimensions on Schneider's website is hard to interpret, and Schneider has not responded to my request for more info. Is a Linhof lensboard available that has a slightly larger hole? It is possible I'm misunderstanding how this lens fits into the lensboard.


Steve Goldstein
14-Sep-2009, 17:59
A Copal 3 shutter requires a 65mm hole, while a Copal 3S uses 64.1mm. I'll bet the board you've got is sized for the 3S. They look almost identical, and I've even seen a couple of 3S shutters marked simply as Copal 3 (I think these were older versions).

Bob Salomon
15-Sep-2009, 05:55
You have the wrong board. You need the 001119z which is the board for the 210mm Super Symmar XL, 240mm Apo Sironar S, 300mm Apo Symmar L, 300mm Apo Sironar S, and your lens when used on a IV, V, Master Technika Classic, Master Technika 2000 or a Master Technika 3000.This is a special order board from the factory and is not a board that a dealer would have or that you would find used.

Brad Rippe
17-Sep-2009, 17:04
Bob, Could he have someone grind the diameter 1mm to fit?

Steve Hamley
17-Sep-2009, 17:47
My 400mm Apo Tele-Xenar MRC is on a standard Toyo Technika-clone board and it works just fine on my Tech IV.

Cheers, Steve

Mike Lewis
17-Sep-2009, 20:08
Thanks everyone for your replies.