View Full Version : What is meant by"bail Back"?

joe zarick
25-Nov-2001, 18:14
I just saw an ad for a Zone VI with a "bail Back". What is meant by that term?

Ellis Vener
25-Nov-2001, 18:35
A 'bail' is a type of lever that is used as a mechanical aid to aid in opening the groundglass frame away from the camera body for easier film holder insertion.

Kevin Crisp
25-Nov-2001, 18:35
On the later model "Zone VI" cameras, the ones which look like Wisners, not Wistas, there was an optional feature which became standard called a bail back. This is a U-shaped stainless steel thing, which when moved to the side, takes the pressure off the back so a film holder slides right in with basically no drag on it. You then move the bail back and it clamps down on the film holder again. You can live without this feature, but I think it is a modest convenience which makes it less likely you'll move something sliding in the holder. If you buy the camera, always give the film holder a little tug left then right after you release the bail to make sure it is seated in the groove on the right.

Sean Yates
25-Nov-2001, 22:04
Actually, the Bail Back is used when going white water rafting....

26-Nov-2001, 23:24
Show up for court, get bail back.

Steve Feldman
27-Nov-2001, 18:43