View Full Version : Does anybody knows about "J.H.Dallmeyer Rectilinear,Patent' lens?

14-Sep-2009, 11:05
"J.H.Dallmeyer, London. Rectilinear, Patent." No.1 and No.2.
It seems like a wide-angle lens, has a wheel, the max F=15. Who knows coverage,structure? Thanks:D

Steven Tribe
14-Sep-2009, 12:13
Must be one of the varieties of RR WAR issued by Dallmeyer after around 1865. This is original Rapid Rectilinear design. The second series has number sizes in terms of coverage given in an ad from 1892 which says. "No.1 equivalent focus 7" covers 12x10". No.2 ef is 8 1/2" covers 15x12". "
There is quite a lot in Vade Mecum.
Their single lens landscape menicus was also called a Rectilinear - but doesn't have the "patent" text.

14-Sep-2009, 15:46
Here you go, 1882 ad from Dallmeyer

and here is one on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350227675512


Steven Tribe
15-Sep-2009, 02:32
There are 2 others at the moment (e**y) - see gokevincameras!
If it is value you are interested in, you should should check completed listings for a more realistic indication. This model was a major product from Dallmeyer for more than 30 years ( it was good and Dallmeyer was late to add anstigmats to his products) so there are plenty around. I had never heard a convincing argument as to why this model seems to have been produced with an emphasis on large and super large sizes unless it had an unknown process application!

15-Sep-2009, 07:16
I've shot wetplates with mine quite a lot and it's very sharp, but dark on the GG for focusing. The small ones, size one and below, become available fairly often. I've gotten a couple for under a hundred dollars.

Lynn Jones
15-Sep-2009, 13:27
The Dallmeyer Rapid Rectilinear and the identical Steinheil Aplanat were invented within weeks of each other without pirating. They date to 1866 and were used for about 40 years with quite good quality photos. They were around f6 to f8, and with half angles of 24 to 30 degrees. It appears that the Steinheil was about 3 or 4 weeks ahead of the Dallmeyer. These lenses were so good that virtually every lens maker in the world copied them.

The WA Rectlinears were made by the same companies with half angles of about 45 degrees and around f 18, slightly later than the above.

I used to use a B&L identical lens circa 1905 of about 7 inch focal length on 4x5 and 2.25x3.25 for b/w and color. I loved them.

My information is from the late Dr. Rudolph Kingslake.



16-Sep-2009, 00:28
Thank you all ! :)
I have a No.2 lens which is quite big(about 50mm Dia.), and will take photo this week :D

No.3 to No.5 seems very rare ?

16-Sep-2009, 07:47
Yep, pretty rare.
(Like all period lenses, the larger ones were made less frequently).


17-Sep-2009, 14:27
I have a No. 3, covers my 8x20 . Looking for some waterhouse stops. Will make some in black card stock for the time being. Nice lens... Bill