View Full Version : Outgassing from tape in improvised lenscaps

john wilton
12-Sep-2009, 18:25
I don't suppose I'm the only person with some lenses minus lenscaps. My lenses are mostly older, uncoated or single coated. I put them in ziplok bags and then into pockets in my backpack, thinking the plastic cannot scratch the glass. But a friend suggested that while the uncoated glass is probably safe, the older softer coating on Ektars might be vulnerable. So I've been improvising caps from film cans, jug tops etc. Some fit, and some almost fit but need a bit of tape to snug. But I wonder if the gaffer's tape glue will outgas en route to its final white powdery condition, depositing haze on the lens, and make matters worse than no cap at all.

Perhaps cut some ventilation holes?

I wonder if storage in ziplok bags or if plain plastic (no tape) caps present the same haze hazard?

Ivan J. Eberle
12-Sep-2009, 19:55
Keep looking for better fitting ones. The polyethelene caps that come as push-ons for gallon sized water jugs, for instance, often have subtle differences between brands.

12-Sep-2009, 19:59
If you have a local camera store that deals with used gear (or did in the past) they may have a box full of lens caps just sitting around you can look through. They will probably sell the generic ones pretty cheaply. It can't hurt to call around.

Bob Salomon
13-Sep-2009, 02:09
Kaiser makes push-on caps in sizes from 15mm to 120mm. They have list prices from $10 to $18.00. They can be bought at any camera store. Why not ask your store and do it properly?