View Full Version : stoked on getting back into the darkroom

12-Sep-2009, 11:56
Long story short: my high school photo teacher and I reconnected and I was told that I am welcome into the darkroom any time I want provided I pay a lab fee and have my own paper. I have a bunch of 35mm that I want to print but am also very keen on contact printing some 4x5 as well, so I snatched up some Ilford RC pearl in 5x7. Can I just use the standard glass and matte to contact print these? Any other advice for a kid is only used to doing hybrid?

Oh yeah, he has a v700 as well. No more scanning c41 and trying to merge it in photoshop! Ughhguhg yesssssss.

13-Sep-2009, 22:31
That's how I contact print my 4x5 sheets.

14-Sep-2009, 16:44
given the silence on the subject I guess I am all set then.