View Full Version : Expired C41

David Hedley
12-Sep-2009, 11:21
I have just shot a roll of very old (>10 years past expiry) Fuji 160 NPS. I'm not keen on paying to have this developed, partly because the shots were as a test rather than being of any importance, so I'd like to ask what would happen if I developed this in black and white developer - PMK Pyro or TMax are options. Would I get any image at all, and would it be worth the effort?

12-Sep-2009, 11:51
There is an entire movement devoted to cross processing C41 in BW chemicals. I believe the standard school of thought is leave it in for a long time and agitate normally and you MIGHT get something. It will be monochromatic since you are only developing the silver and not using any dyes. Do a flickr search for it and you will probably run across a group or two that do this.

13-Sep-2009, 04:15
i developed color film in B&W chemicals before. (not sure which but probably hc110) you will get an image no problem. no real color and you will have an orange (i think) base.

just try it and get back with us.

David Hedley
13-Sep-2009, 06:52
Thanks guys - I did try it, and got a faint image on a deep orange base. Interesting as an experiment, but not one I'll make an effort to repeat soon.