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chris kargoris
25-Nov-2001, 08:42
Does anyone know if there is any lab or person still producing dye transfer prints, or have kodak given up on this?

thanking you

Nigel Turner
25-Nov-2001, 11:13
I think you will find that Kodak gave up on Dye Transfer two or three years ago.

There are a few people around who do something very similar. I believe it is called carbon pigment prints, but even these seem to be very rare, extremely time consuming to make and very expensive to produce.

Personally, I think that in a couple of years Ilfochrome prints on a commercial lab basis will also be a thing of the past. Just look around the gallery circuit to see how many photographers are now using the LightJet process to produce their fine art prints.


N Dhananjay
25-Nov-2001, 11:44
Yes, dye transfer got gutted some time back. To my knowledge, Ctein is one of the last people to be making dye transfer prints. See http://www.plaidworks.com/ctein/. You could try contacting him to see if any other manufacturer is producing anything that could help. Cheers, DJ.

Erik The Viking
25-Nov-2001, 12:11
Over at google groups rec.photo.equipment.large-format, James Browning announced that dry transfer matrix film is available again.

James has more information, I believe.