Jignesh Jhaveri
12-Nov-1998, 17:15
Hi I've been offered a brand New Sinar X with a P2 rear standard, 75mm,150mm and 210mm lenses, 2 6x8 roll film backs and a polo back and bag and ext bellow for 6800 dollars. Would you'll think that the price is right or too expensive or cou ld it be possible i am getting it for a steal????? Thanx -Jignesh

Ellis Vener
13-Nov-1998, 01:39
Not knowing specifically which lens are included in the deal I'd say this a fair to good deal: From the B&H Pro Source book, these are the new prices: Sinar X: $4195.00, bag bellows: $ 259.00, standard bellows: $259.00 Horseman 6x7 backs: $469(x2)=$ 938.00, Polaroid 545i:$ 145.00, 75mm f/4.5 Granda gon:$1295.; 150mm Sironar: $ 749; 210 Sironar:$ 989.00 Total: $8829. essentially you are getting the 75mm f/4.5 Grandagon and 150mm f/5 .6 Sinonar-S free.

Jignesh Jhaveri
13-Nov-1998, 03:00
Thanks a lot Ellis, I think i am getting avery fair deal as everything is new, and the lenses are Sironar or Schneider or Nikon ( mychoice ) If you could elaborate on the difference between an X and a P2 it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jignesh

David Nash
13-Nov-1998, 09:04

I've read in one of the UK magazines that Sinar (UK) are offering 25% discount off the price of SinarP2 as a special 50th Anniversary offer.

You may be able to get a similar deal in the USA

Masayoshi Hayashi
20-Nov-1998, 19:33
You can get the info. about the difference between P2 and X at www.sinarbron.com As a comment to David's, I have purchased a P2 from US Sinar at $5000 when they were doing the anniversary offer. But I also saw in magazine that they offered the lower price during early in this year. Since the us sinar site doesn't mention the current promotion, you have to directly call them. But they seem to do some promotions quite often.