View Full Version : Ansco identification notches?

11-Sep-2009, 18:24
In cleaning out my 106 year old mother's house (as she settles into the assisted living facility), I have discovered a cache of my old 9x12 negatives from the 1950s (when I was in High School). Mostly they seem to be labeled "Ansco Safety Film" with two square notches. Was this for ISOPAN? Or what?
I am interested and surprised to find that the old film is much thicker and stiffer than the Kodak and Efke film I've used for the past several years. It's beautiful stuff!
There were also a lot of contact prints. I don't remember what papers I used, but the blacks are deep and luminous, and the weight of the paper is a lot heavier than current "double weight" paper -- almost more like pasteboard.