View Full Version : why chemistry?

Ralph Miyashiro
11-Sep-2009, 09:54
New here. I thought while processing photo materials I was using chemicals. But it turns out that I was using chemistry? Why is that?

11-Sep-2009, 10:51
Its like sexual chemistry. You know it takes at least two components (chemicals) to make it happen, but you can't quite explain exactly what makes it work the way it does. Hence so many questions and theories about it such as this one... ;)

11-Sep-2009, 18:34
Chemistry is mythos, chemicals are praxis.

12-Sep-2009, 10:03
Chemistry is a science and technology.

Chemicals are what you dump your film in.

Robert Hughes
12-Sep-2009, 11:48
Chemicals are what you ingest (in jest :) )
Chemistry is what happens with your babe afterwards...

Gary L. Quay
13-Sep-2009, 00:38
Chemistry is what you get when you mix chemicals together.