View Full Version : Perceptol/ T-MAX 400

24-Nov-2001, 18:51
I need some data on using Perceptol (dilluted or undiluted) with T-Max 400(8x10) . I use JOBO processer. Any temperature/time/ EI info will be appreciated. VICK

Walter Glover
25-Nov-2001, 16:36

I have two sets of figure for perceptol with TMY. I cannot find the file that would tell me about speed, however:

Perceptol 1+1 = 15:20

Perceptol 1+3 = 10:50

These ar times I use for printing with condensors but hand processing with intermittent agitation. Jobo agitation for diffusion heads would probably be pretty close. It's a starting point anyway.

Happy testing ... WG