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10-Sep-2009, 14:41
Hi All :)
Well I Have returned from my first big trip with the 4x5,and it was a BIG Trip, we planed to be away for 3 weeks and travel about 2500klm, we where away for 2 weeks and traveled 4200klms, ( best laid plans always go astray :eek: ) I was a tag along second vechicle,so didnt have much say. got some good picks though, my other 3 friends where all shooting Digital,so I found it a bit hard with the 4x5 as time was against me,have posted some B/W pics from the 4x5 and a few color from my Digital, still waiting for the color 6x7 shot on 4x5 to come back from the lab,will post them later. it was a good trip but to much Driving.
Cheers to all

Michael Wynd
10-Sep-2009, 19:24
"You lucky, lucky bastard" quote from Monty Python.
Wish I could've been there.

Tintype Bob
11-Sep-2009, 05:33
Wonderful shots - It must have been great to be there

14-Sep-2009, 00:24
Hi Again :D
Well my color work came back from the lab, so here are a few shots, all taken on the Tachihara with a horseman 6x7 rollfilm back using Fuji Velvia 100F,
Over all Im reasonably happy with my first efforts on the 4x5.
Cheers to all :)
and thanks for the comments

14-Sep-2009, 07:48
wow! great stuff.

keep em coming.