View Full Version : What shutter does a Xenar 210/4.5 fit into?

10-Sep-2009, 06:01
Sorry for flogging the skin of an old horse again...

I have an old (early 1942) Xenar 210/4.5 in a Compound shutter which seems utterly stuck. Are they easy to CLA/repair or is it a waste of time and money? Is the glass possible to put into some other variety of shutter, and if so which?

Philippe Grunchec
10-Sep-2009, 06:12
You should send it to Carol Miller!

10-Sep-2009, 06:24
Philippe, I was thinking along those lines. :) But I need to raise some cash first.

10-Sep-2009, 07:41
I don't know if this will help you, but I have a Xenar 210/4.5, of unknown vintage, mounted in a Copal #3. I agree with the suggestion to send the lens for CLA or shutter replacement.


Paul Fitzgerald
10-Sep-2009, 07:42
"in a Compound shutter which seems utterly stuck."

is the selector lever in the right position?

Ernest Purdum
10-Sep-2009, 10:25
Compound shutters are long-lived and when they stop working correctly they can usually be repaired, although it may take someone with Carol Miller's (Flutot"s Camera Repair) talent to do it. Having it fixed should be vastly less expensive than replacing it.

10-Sep-2009, 12:51
Paul, I am not sure what you mean about the selector lever being in the right position? Care to enlighten me a bit? :)

EDIT: Looking around a bit on the net, I can see that my shutter (not with me at the moment) is in the M position, with the lever on the righthand side (when the front of the lens is facing me) stuck in a downward position.

Paul Ewins
10-Sep-2009, 16:56
Your compound shutter is a Compound III 7. This was also used by the 300/5.6 Symmar, 360/5.5 Tele-Arton and 360/5.5 Tele-Xenar. These lenses might also be found in Copal or Compur 3 shutters, so you will need to confirm the type of shutter if you plan on doing a swap. There are probably other lenses that use the same shutter but there is no guarantee that the shutter will have the same thread sizes as yours.

10-Sep-2009, 17:44
Here: http://www.skgrimes.com/compound/index.htm
Is a web page on the compound shutter. I had SK Grimes overhaul a compound III for me recently (and mount the lens/shutter on a new flange which they also mounted on a lensboard) and they did a fine job.

The shutters can be damaged if cocked in the B or T (sometimes labeled Z) position, and that's probably what was done to your shutter, so it'll need repair.


11-Sep-2009, 00:33
While I am not sure I am going through with CLA, I think it is better to try to CLA this one, rather than trying to find another shutter. I've done that a few times trying to find a better unknown, rather than fixing the one I have my hand. It has always worked out to be more expensive.

Paul Fitzgerald
11-Sep-2009, 07:08
" Care to enlighten me a bit?"

the lower selector lever changes the mode the shutter is in.

full left is instant, set the time with the top dial and cock the shutter.
center is bulb, use the left lower lever to open and close the shutter.
full right is time, use the lower left lever to open, again to close.

DO NOT use the lower right lever to cock the shutter if the selector lever is any position other than full left, this will jam the shutter. The internal linkage should stop anyone from doing this BUT it can jump out of position and jam the works. A CLA should fix this shutter, they usually last 100 years.

good luck with it.