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wm mitchell
24-Nov-2001, 15:59
Here we go again! Just read on another thread, that Kodak is now saying that, as of December 31, 2 001, except for Tri-x, ALL 5x7 film will be by special order only. Apparently, K odak only sold 2000 boxes of all 5x7 films, almost half being Tri-x. [1999 figur es]. Why would Kodak go through the motions of adjusting to 50 sheets/box for all or most of their film choices, INCLUDING 5x7, 2 months ago, only to drop 5x7 (again ) from their line? Makes no sense to me. BILL

Chad Jarvis
24-Nov-2001, 16:10

Michael Kadillak
24-Nov-2001, 16:23
I read the same post. As in the past, Kodak has not been very consistent in the information that they post to the public. As long as they are producing 4x5 and 8x10 B&W films, the worst case will be to aggregate enough 5x7 shooters to purchase a 30-35 box batch. While it is troubling to be on the roller coaster with this format, I found the best way for me to deal with this situation. I bought a 17 cubic foot chest freezer for my film and paper last weekend and plan on using it to the degree that I need to. I can tell you one thing - you can put a LOT of film and paper in that sucker.

There is always Iford. They still offer their B&W films in 5x7.

Good shooting.