View Full Version : Cutting 5x12 From 16x20 For Korona Banquet

9-Sep-2009, 21:15
I'm thinking of buying a Korona 5x12... if I can raise enough cash or trade items.

Does anyone know if I can get 4 "full" sheets of 5x12 from 1 sheet of 16x20? Also, is the remaining piece large enough to cut 2 "full" sheets of 4x10?

Brian Vuillemenot
9-Sep-2009, 21:53
Why not cut down 12X20 instead? This seems a lot easier to me.

Roger Thoms
9-Sep-2009, 21:56
My thoughts exactly.

9-Sep-2009, 22:08
I should have been more precise. I would like to should color negative film which I'm sure isn't available in 12x20. However, I'm not finding any in 16x20 either. Does it even exist anymore?

Been looking... nope... I guess it no longer exists....

Diane Maher
10-Sep-2009, 05:25
There was some sold via this forum a year or so ago. I bought a couple of boxes of 12x20 Portra with the same idea, but haven't gone anywhere with it as I have no darkroom to cut the film in and no way to develop it. I have not developed color film before. I might be persuaded to part with it.

10-Sep-2009, 16:41
Well, now I'm thinking of reverting back to my earlier decision to buy a 4x10. I would enjoy the extra bit of quality available from 5x12 but I want the versatility of shooting color.

Thanks for your help, folks.

Erik Larsen
10-Sep-2009, 17:13
I believe Freestyle sells Efke in 12x20 if I'm not mistaken.

10-Sep-2009, 17:43
Freestyle has 12x20 Efke on late date "sale".... Bill