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9-Sep-2009, 08:24
i have been given a lens for a hasselblad camera. the housing says hasselblad and has "super wide C" written on it. the lens says Carl Zeiss, biogon, 1:4,5 f=38mm, the number Nr276647. it has been in storage for a long time and is quite dusty. i dont know if it has value or usefulness so any infomation would be appreciated. thank you in advance

9-Sep-2009, 14:28
This lens is ment for the Hasselblad SWC and should be attached to the SWC.
Current value between $ 1000,- and $1200,-, so you are one lucky man.
It is a super-wide-angle, nearly distorsion free, a great lens and much sought after.

Be carefull with it !


Daniel Unkefer
10-Sep-2009, 04:26
You have just the lens? Then someone has removed it surigically from the SWC body. Glenn Evans in Chicago has this lens, and has taken circular photos with it. Go to www.glennview.com and scroll down to see what I am talking about. The T-Rex at the Musuem shot.

It's worth quite a bit, even without the body.

Dan Fromm
10-Sep-2009, 05:39
Dan'l, this is nothing new.

38/4.5 Biogons were used in many aerial cameras, have been removed from them, reshuttered if necessary, and fitted to, e.g., Graflex XLSWs. Photographic Systems, of Albuquerque, NM, sold a number of XLSWs with Biogons.

At one time Alpa bought 38 Biogons in shutter and mounted them in helicals to fit the Alpa 12.

I've used one on my humble Century Graphic for years, shoot it with a 2x3 back. Yes, the corners are very dark.

Many are the ways to use a 38 Biogon.



10-Sep-2009, 09:35
I say the OP has the Hasselblad 903 SWC possibly minus a roll film holder. The SWC had no viewfinder/rangefinder/ground glass viewing. It would be easy to mistake the lens and thin "body" as just a lens.

11-Sep-2009, 05:23
you are all correct. it is a lens and housing minus the film pack. i am intersted in selling it. it needs to be cleaned

11-Sep-2009, 08:44
you are all correct. it is a lens and housing minus the film pack. i am intersted in selling it. it needs to be cleaned

Yes you are very lucky to have this given to you. My wife and I just last night thought that the SWC would be one of our next purchases after selling some photo gear and other stuff to fund itr after a macro lens for the Pentax and some film holders for the whole plate. I am not sure if you would get more money if you sent it to someone like David Odess first for a CLA or simply clean the exterior yourself. If you had it serviced first you would be able to advertise it as such and that it was 100% working order. Others with more experience may want to comment on that as truthfully my experiece is limited. Or you could buy a back for 50 bucks and enjoy medium format :)

Steven Tribe
15-Sep-2009, 13:31
Perhaps you give more serial number information on this SWC body/lens? The number you quoted is incorrect I think! It's always nice to find out the history of a lens.