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Not John Sexton
23-Nov-2001, 12:56
I just found this list and would like to say that it is a great asset to the LF community.

John Sexton

Nigel Turner
23-Nov-2001, 14:25
Hi John,

Are you the world famous John Sexton from Carmel?

We used to be represented in the same gallery together.. Gallery Sur. Although we never got to meet in person it was an honor to see wy work hanging next to such an accomplised photographer.

Keep up the great work that you produce.. its an inspiration to all who work in large format and have a love landscape photography.

Nigel Turner.


David Leblanc
23-Nov-2001, 14:49
Nigel, I hate to be a downer here but this is almost certainly not the big man himself. John has his own website (www.johnsexton.com) and I'd be very very surprised if his email address were js@aol.com

Then again, maybe I'm just in denial ;-)

Ken Burns
23-Nov-2001, 15:54
I too find this site to be a real asset to LF. Anybody want to buy a Civil War documentary VHS. How about jazz or baseball tapes?

Ted Harris
23-Nov-2001, 17:33
Actually it is likely all a hoax since a check with AOL shows that "js is not a known user"

some kid playing games at Thanksgiving no doubt.

Walter Glover
23-Nov-2001, 17:41
What a bunch of doubting Thomases! You lot would even question the veracity of theophanic postings from A. Adams or E. Weston. Have faith and you too might receive an e-mal off- forum from E. Atget, like I just did.

Ed Weston
23-Nov-2001, 18:28
I too really appreciate this list

23-Nov-2001, 19:13
Sacre Bleau! C'est Magnifique!

Louis-Jacques Daguerre
23-Nov-2001, 20:16
Alas, I am too late. My thunder, it has been stolen.

One hundred and seventy-five years of photographic evolution and "expose for the shadows and develop for the highligts" is still hot news?

I'm going back to bed.

William Henry Fox Talbot
23-Nov-2001, 20:23
Daguerre- I still say my system is better. And all of you still using big cameras?

Ansel Adams
23-Nov-2001, 23:40
Anyone pretending to be the Great Assistant to the True Master of the Craft should have the FBI swab their home for gram positive rods. (or gram negative?) Ansel Baby

Louis-Jacques Daguerre
24-Nov-2001, 00:26
Talbot! You and your inferior process, its so.....NEGATIVE! Making multiple copies of an image isn't art, it's mere printing. Why, a pimply faced teenager in a minilab could do it! If I weren't dead, I'd come over there and thump you on the head with a copper plate.

All the best - Lou

John Sexton
24-Nov-2001, 01:37
Andre Noble sent me an email mentioning the post by <js@aol.com>. It may just be a coincidence that this person's name is John Sexton (it is a fairly common name, believe it or not!).

Andre asked me to drop by your Large Format Photography forum, and have a look. It looks as though this group attract some dedicated large format photographers that LOVE photography, and are willing to share useful experiences with one another.

I wish my schedule would allow me to participate in this, as well as other, forums, but at the present time life is just a little to crazy to participate fully.

I wish you all the very best with your photography.

John Sexton (photographer... I just take pictures! <g>)

Chad Jarvis
24-Nov-2001, 06:43
Who's John Sexton?

Alec Jones
24-Nov-2001, 13:56
Who wants to know?

Scott Walton
24-Nov-2001, 21:59
Chad, Are you serious?!

Andre Noble
25-Nov-2001, 01:26
It may just be that Chad is a Brit. :>)

Chad Jarvis
25-Nov-2001, 06:36
A Brit? Hardly. I'm a fourth-generation Marylander. And I ask you...how would it be possible to be so into large format without knowing who John Sexton is? Yates thinks this is hilarious. (Who's Yates?)

tim atherton
25-Nov-2001, 15:18
> And I ask > you...how would it be possible to be so into large format without > knowing who John Sexton is? Yates thinks this is hilarious. > (Who's Yates?) Very easy if you're not a N American - Yes, lots of Euorpean large Formatters know his name, but I would say plenty more don't. Many "well known" N American photographers are not so well known outside the Continent, and vice versa.

Tim A

janez pelko
26-Nov-2001, 05:39
I am not famous, neither a great photographer, but at least I am not fake. www.janez-pelko.com

Andre Noble
26-Nov-2001, 22:28
Yates, I believe, is a well known Irish leader from the 1800th century. His grave site is found outside the city of Sligo in NW Treland, (It's set in an old monastery against the backdrop of a beautiful bluff there.) Andre

N Dhananjay
26-Nov-2001, 22:50
Aw shucks! And I thought it was one of the Chichester Yates, related to the Earl of Eighten. A regular bounder of a knight.... Cheers, DJ

26-Nov-2001, 23:52
Nah. Check out my websites: