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8-Sep-2009, 12:33

for a project of mine I need sheet film with the lowest sensitivity - what are my options of really low ISO film? I am looking for 5x7 and 8x10 sizes…

Are there any other low-sensitivity things I could look into? As in: I know that Collodion ranks really low - but for practical purposes (working in the field) it wouldn't really be an option.

Thanks in advance!

Eric Woodbury
8-Sep-2009, 12:37
Can't you just add ND filters?

Gem Singer
8-Sep-2009, 12:58
How about infra-red films.

8-Sep-2009, 12:59
ND filters are an option, with complications… I am using old lenses mounted in barrel, and use a cap for exposure… Having filters mounted in front of the lens just makes that bit quite some more complicated - unless I am missing some secret tricks.

9-Sep-2009, 05:43
Ortho or lith films will be the lowest if they meet your needs in terms of red sensitivity. Freestyle carries them as do others I'm sure. I believe Jim Galli has used them a lot so you might PM him for ideas.

9-Sep-2009, 06:56
ND behind lens.

Philippe Grunchec
9-Sep-2009, 07:35
Adox-Efke, Rollei. Why not X-Ray films?

9-Sep-2009, 08:41
Thanks all for feedback!

RPNugent, Ortho sounds like a good option - thanks for the hint, will investigate.

CG, as for ND filters behind the lens - don't I quickly run into vignetting problems?

Philippe, what sensitivity do I get with X-ray films?

Philippe Grunchec
9-Sep-2009, 08:44
I'm testing them right now. I would say around 50ISO. They are orthochromatic.

9-Sep-2009, 08:45
I am using 13x18 Ilford Ortho +, rated at ISO 64 with a barrel lens and cap. I have frequently run into exposures of one second and more. This is is overcast to bright but not sunny conditions using f22 and up. Another way would be the famous Jim Galli shutter.

Philippe Grunchec
9-Sep-2009, 08:50
Ilford Ortho + is pretty expensive!...

9-Sep-2009, 09:20
Hm, ISO 50 still ranks as too high for me… I was hoping to find stuff under 25 - planning to shoot in extreme light conditions, and I would like to (try to) keep the lenses as wide open as possible…

Philippe Grunchec
9-Sep-2009, 09:29
Then you have to go for Adox/Efke, Rollei!

9-Sep-2009, 09:48

The old APHS was rated about 6 or less. Playing with developers is supposed to get you full tonal ranges. I have a pack but haven't had time to play with it yet to be more helpful. Try searching the forum for APHS.

9-Sep-2009, 09:53
Philippe, I know of the Efke 25 ISO film - is there an equally low or lower Rollei film?
RPNugent, that looks interesting, thanks for the link!

9-Sep-2009, 09:56
See other threads for Xray films
Some [ er, others] of us have done lots more testing than others [me], YMMV, but so far it looks like 100-200 EI. I've only done a few "blue" tests, but 100 is about as low as I would go

Jim Noel
9-Sep-2009, 10:26
I use Arista Ortho/lith film from Freestyle at a film speed of 3. Dilute film developers, not paper developers, produce beautiful long scale negatives.
Jim Galli uses this stuff a lot and has an adaptation of Rodinal which gives him beautiful negatives.

9-Sep-2009, 10:41
See examples of slooooooow ortho on Jim G's website and his info for rodinol to develope it

9-Sep-2009, 11:17
Ilford Ortho + is pretty expensive!...

You're telling me... :D

Well, I wish it was less expensive, it's a really wonderful film for an old Emil Busch Aplanat.

Philippe Grunchec
10-Sep-2009, 05:12
@ csant: Ralf Sänger has tested the Rollei film for Schwarzweiss Magazin and developed in Perceptol the film seems to be 6-8ISO: is that slow enough? Sänger didn't like the dedicated Rollei chemistry with that film (20-25ISO).