View Full Version : 190mm Optar lens hood et al

22-Nov-2001, 12:22
Anyone know the size of the lens hood for the Kodak Optar 190mm? What size filte rs does it take? Is there a Kodak soft-focus gizmo that will fit? Thanks. Arthur

Richard Knoppow
20-Sep-2003, 01:52
The only 190mm Optar I know of is the f/5.6 one used on the Super-D Graflex. If this is the one it uses the same size push-on adaptor the f/4.5, 152mm Ektar does; a Series VII of 44.5mm or 1-3/4 inch diameter. The filter adaptor takes a Series VII lens shade. If this is another lens I don't have data for it. All Optar lenses were made under contract to Graflex.