View Full Version : Portrait lens suggestion for Linhof Master Technika

7-Sep-2009, 19:30
Hi guys

I'd really appreciate your advice on portrait lens suggestions for a 4x5 MT that is reasonably "sized" (I don't want something too bulky!) and also reasonably priced

Thanks a lot!


Bob Salomon
8-Sep-2009, 01:50
Then we would need to know what kind of portraits, head and shoulders? 2/3rds? full length? Outdoor environmental?

8-Sep-2009, 07:26
And so on.....

I have been using a 250mm Imagon on my Master for years untill I silly sold the Master.
I am using the Imagon on the Sinar P2 now.

The Imagon will fitt: you need the extensionring between the Technika lensboard and the shutter, than it fits well.


Ivan J. Eberle
8-Sep-2009, 13:24
Since bulk is a concern, you want to find out specifically that the lens you ultimately pick fits inside a folded-up Master Technika or whether you'll have to carry it separately and mount the board each time you set up.

Steve Hamley
8-Sep-2009, 16:28
I'd be looking for a 210mm - 240mm f:4.5 Tessar or Heliar in a Compound #3 or Copal #3. A 250mm Wollensak Veritar (may need to be custom mounted to clear the light trap), or a 250mm Fuji soft focus.

Other options would be the 8-1/4" or 10" Commercial Ektar.

Cheers, Steve