View Full Version : metrolux II timer

7-Sep-2009, 04:31
does anyone know if the metrolux II timer can be used with 810 or t1212 coldlight?

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
7-Sep-2009, 06:22
I have a Metrolux II timer that I use with Aristo VCL 8100 vari contrast two tube cold light head. An ideal combination.

Eric Woodbury
7-Sep-2009, 09:01
Yes it can. I'm using a 1212. It is only a matter of power. Check the rating on the MetroLux and the lamp. I believe the most power hungry lamp that a MetroLux will operate is a Mervap. Not many of those around. A 1212 is only a few hundred watts.

Mark Woods
7-Sep-2009, 09:30
I have a two tube Besler Cold light and it works like a charm.