View Full Version : RE: Filter suggestions Efke 25 via "dr5" process

Robert Fisher
6-Sep-2009, 16:44
I am seeking the advice of those experienced shooting Efke 25 sheet film and processed via David at "dr5".

In particular are there any special considerations when using B&W filters via "dr5" as opposed to using B&W negative film.

Also any filter advice for Efke 25 8x10 via "dr5" will be appreciated.


Andrew O'Neill
6-Sep-2009, 17:42
I use this film a lot in 8x10, but not sure what this dr5 is...so, I'm not sure how I can help you.

Glenn Thoreson
6-Sep-2009, 20:22
I'm sure David would be happy to help if you just ask him. I assume you are going to have them processed as transparencies? I seriously doubt there would be any difference compared to any other process. The filter affects the color of light reaching the film. The processing should have no bearing on the result. I think ...... :D

7-Sep-2009, 16:00
Is the Efke 25 sheet film as red deficient as the roll film? If so, that might determine your filter selection.

Drew Wiley
9-Sep-2009, 15:19
You cannot use anything darker than a 25 medium red filter or you will just be truncating your lower values altogether. Reversal processing will simply accentuate this limitation. In other words, don't waste your time with a 29 dark red. Other than
that, just be extra careful metering your exposures, and you should be fine.