View Full Version : 4x5 film spots?

6-Sep-2009, 11:33
Hi all, This just started to show up yesterday after a film run.
Cant seem to isolate it even after reading alot of posts first.
I did a 6 sheet run last night and did some with presoak and some without (because a previous run of film had dev line and mottled problems). So I wanted to test a little bit.
These marks are on all of the film.

Film is Arista 100
some presoak, some not
d-76 1-1 mixed 1 gallon 1.5 weeks ago. One shot
some water stop, some dilute commercial stop.
kodak fixer. this is kinda old from a yellowed paper style powered mix. I mixed it two days ago. Looks feels smells just like brand new. One would think that might be the problem since my film problems have only surfaced two days ago.
But, this sure seems like a dev problem.
Dilute photo-flo.
I have also decreased my wash time some.

I thought it might be condensation. I live down here in the FL Keys.

I will do a full on test today.
Film that I will be careful not to create condensation.
New fix.
New dev
Grey card or sky shots with a nuetral bkgrd.

Hoping someone might quickly dicpher this.
Thx for any input.

pablo batt
6-Sep-2009, 11:59
put it back in the fixer and see if the image changes, it looks like it may be a issue

6-Sep-2009, 12:06
Another 5 min fix did nothing.
Think I will drop a unexposed sheet in to see if it clears ok.

6-Sep-2009, 12:33
Hi Joey,
Are you tray processing? What is your dev. time? & frequency of agitation?

6-Sep-2009, 12:47
Yes, tray processing
7min total.
1 min constant for 1st minute.
5-10sec every 30 sec.
Arista/edu 100 film

6-Sep-2009, 13:12
I've also experienced uneven dev. with Arista film. I'd try longer dev time and/or more vigorous agitation.
I switched to a Jobo (constant agitation).

Santo Roman
6-Sep-2009, 13:23
It looks like you should agitate for about 20-30 secs. Maybe try to develop not in the tray. Really knock those bubbles around. Just a thought.


6-Sep-2009, 13:25
Since all of my 4x5 is for for scanning on the V700.
I was going by recommendations of shorter dev times to help with my scanning needs.
Which are for digital output only.
I wonder if this is a problem with only arista film.
My 1st 100 sheets of this film was great.
Settled on 7 min with very good results.
Granted I just got back to b&w film and 4x5 shooting after a long time off.

Did a quick fixer test, everything looks great.
Also just discovered at the end of the gallon jug of d-76 was some sediment/precip.
Starting to think now it was the dev.
Has anyone had this kind of sediment at the bottom of dev solutions?
I mean when there is only 10-15 oz left?

6-Sep-2009, 20:54
Ok, Update for all the newbies like me.

Never use developer that you bought from a so called auction site. (OLD)

Repeat that again.

Once I mixed brand new from reputable (freestyle) dealer. My problems were solved.

The end.
ps thx for the replies.