View Full Version : Jobo Expert Drum Questions...

Jay Decker
4-Sep-2009, 13:13
Have a couple Jobo Expert drums that I use on a Beseler motor base, so I don't use the cog on the drum. I pulled the cog out of one of the drums by hand.

Can I use the drum without the cog fitting? Will it still be light tight?

Is there another fitting with a cap that would be good could be used with the drum and foot pump? If so, what am I looking for?

Jon Wilson
7-Sep-2009, 20:14
Jay, I only have used my jobo drums with my CPA-2. However, I believe if you look at the inside of the lid of your drum you should see and black insert baffle which makes the drum light tight.

As to the last question, are you trying to take the lid off? I have read you can use the water pressure of filling up the drum to expand the lid off. I have a foot pump, so I have not tried it.