View Full Version : sorry pls ignore

Uri A
4-Sep-2009, 08:54
dont know how to delete a post... :o

4-Sep-2009, 09:11
Ignore what? I don't see anything. :D

Ivan J. Eberle
4-Sep-2009, 12:33
Nothing to see here, move along...

4-Sep-2009, 12:35

Bryan Lemasters
4-Sep-2009, 14:07
Just got here. What's going on? Mmmm, is that cake? Can I have a piece?

4-Sep-2009, 14:54
Did somebody mention there's cake?

4-Sep-2009, 15:11
I can't see anything in here. But I think I feel something.

Bryan Lemasters
4-Sep-2009, 16:16
Yes, and you can quit feeling it any time now!

Uri A
4-Sep-2009, 17:11

Why can't an author delete a thread if he makes a mistake?

How humbling :(

4-Sep-2009, 17:20
Humble pie? I thought they said it was cake...

4-Sep-2009, 17:29
What miskate? I don't see any mistrakes!!

4-Sep-2009, 19:04
Hey, is this Igor's party I heard about? The password is: pls igor right?

dave wagstaff
4-Sep-2009, 21:57
I got booze. Where's the girls?

Paul Kierstead
4-Sep-2009, 22:01

Why can't an author delete a thread if he makes a mistake?

How humbling :(

No worries, Uri, people are just having a little fun, not even really about you.

Jan Pedersen
4-Sep-2009, 22:12
How humbling

No way, the best post of the day :)
Take it easy Uri.. And enjoy the weekend.

5-Sep-2009, 01:08
Wow, did this thread really reach two pages already? I thought there wasn't anything here… BTW, where's the cake?

Bryan Lemasters
5-Sep-2009, 05:29
Cake's gone. Sorry. There's still some pie over on the table - tastes a little funky, though.

Bryan Lemasters
5-Sep-2009, 05:44
Uri, you just have to know the tricks to ending a thread. Watch:

Folks.... folks, can I have your attention for a moment?...........Everybody........I have an announcement..........

OK. I just talked to John, and I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that the strippers are on their way and will be here in just a few minutes.

The bad news is that there has been a little bit of a mix-up. Turns out the strippers are male.

So...........yeah....... OK. I'm outta here! See you later.

5-Sep-2009, 07:28
I am sure that trick doesn't really work…

Uri A
5-Sep-2009, 07:51

I'm taking my (large format) ball and going home!! *snif*

5-Sep-2009, 08:14
You new around here? Getting teased like this means that we like you! Don't go away upset. Smile with us!

p.s. What did you delete anyway? I'll bet it was "nothing". HA HA HA

5-Sep-2009, 08:16
Ummm... Uri... I just looked at your work. NICE! Need an assistant? I can be in Sydney about 10 hours from now.

Uri A
5-Sep-2009, 08:43
Well... I do need an assistant who can adjust lingerie straps on models - but unfortunately I can only pay $100.000 a year :(

5-Sep-2009, 09:57
I can adjust lingerie straps... me takes me time though... gots ta' takes me time to get it j-u-s-t -- r-i-g-h-t... :)

Oh... and BUMP!!

dave wagstaff
5-Sep-2009, 10:26
I could get arrested doing that job

Louie Powell
5-Sep-2009, 12:03
You're ignored already!

Uri A
5-Sep-2009, 18:49
Mike I would have given you the job, but I cant have you doing bumps on set! This isn't the 80s anymore...

5-Sep-2009, 18:51
I can bump... and I can grind too. Be sure to tell the female models this.