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4-Sep-2009, 06:40

My experience with instant film expands only to single sheet polaroids from decades ago.

Im thinking of getting back into using instant film, both for preview/proofing use and scrapbook-type stuff.

With Polaroid gone the way of the dodo (for now), my only option of in-production instant film is Fuji.

But this is PACK film which is new to me.

If I gets me a 550 or PA45 holder, and some packs of the Fuji Colour or BW 4x5 PACK instant film, can I change packs mid-pack, or do I have to shoot 10 shots before I can switch to a different film?

It would be nice to shoot a colour 'roid, check it out and be happy, shoot the proper neg/slide, then maybe switch to a bw 'roid and do the same.

So can I change packs mid way through, or do I need 2 separate holders - which is a bit silly.

And is the 550 / PA45 holder any thicker than a Grafmatic? I can get one of those under my ground glass, so will a 550/PA45 squeeze in there too?


George Kara
4-Sep-2009, 06:54
You will need two separate backs. Sorry. Great film though. Too bad they dont make negatives like the 51 and 55 pola. Luckily I still have around 6 boxes left of the good stuff.

4-Sep-2009, 07:46
Too bad they dont make negatives like the 51 and 55 pola.

You got that right. The P/N film seems to me more useful now than ever, with many photographers no longer having access to a wet darkroom.

Rick "who might even have the clearing tank (but not the chemical) in a box somewhere" Denney