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Neil Carey
21-Nov-2001, 14:27
I've read through the threads regarding the Binocular reflex housings/use of bel lows, loupes, etc, but I still have some questions that I hope can be resolved.

Since I will be using my Sinar P2 with the Rodenstock 180mm Apo Macro lens only in the studio for close-up work, weight and bulk is not an issue. I Like the ide a of the reflex hood for composition, i.e. the ability to see the GG image right side up. I also like the ability of the Horseman (as mentioned by Bob Soloman) to unhook, allowing direct use of a 4x loupe.

So, I guess the questions are: Given the options (Sinar reflex hood, Binocular e yethingy and bellows, etc.) what do y'all recommend?

BTW, I want to thank everybody who gave advice re: lenses.

Walter Glover
21-Nov-2001, 18:43
Hi Neil,

For use in the studio on a P2 I would definitely opt for the Sinar Bino-Reflex because, by design, it will prevent you from developing bad habits.

How? In order to fully view the ground-glass, critically focus and check the corners for vignetting (bellows, image circle, compendium or filters) the Bino-Reflex is easliy removed entirely and placed somewhere safe. It can be left there whilst exposing to remove leverage on the GG frame thereby minimising the risk of unevenly wearing the milled surfaces on which the frame seats into the back standard. Wear these milled surfaces and your GG plane to film plane precision is gone.

The Bino-Reflex works extremely well in the situation you describe and is yet another indicator that the Sinar system was primarily designed as a medium to long focal length lens, studio camera.

A further recommendation, if you don't do so already, is to use two rail clamps when there is a lot of bellows draw. The plastic clamping ring that grips the rail allows considerable flexing. Manfrotto make a flat plate like a bar that allows mounting two rail clamps without the expense of the Sinar version of the same thing.

Good luck ... WG

John Bailey
21-Nov-2001, 20:51
Dear Neil

I absolutely love using my binocular/hood. Yes things are right side up, but there is reversal-c'est la guerre! I really wish I could have the same for my P2 8x10-guess I am going to have to think upside down again. The hood allows for easy viewing, learning movements and you can easily see the whole GG. I wear glasses and a loop and dark cloth are a bit difficult for me to adjust my own eyes easily. If I have to do critical focusing, I can always pull off the hood and do it directly. It unlocks without effort and as long as you are well supported it will not move the camera. Go with the reflex hood along with the binocular attachment, provided price is not an object.

Congratulations on moving to a terrific camera. You should enjoy years of use and many wonderful images.



Neil Carey
21-Nov-2001, 22:01
Walt and John...Howdy! You've sold me. I'll pick up the Bino asap...One more que stion...Are there different loupes available? I've seen reference to a 2x and to a 4x, as integral to the unit.

Walter Glover
21-Nov-2001, 22:07

I had Sinar supplied accesory magnifiers for the dioptre of my eye-sight. Other than this I know of no other item offered.