View Full Version : Single Sheet Readyload in Fuji Quickload

Dave Tolcher
21-Nov-2001, 14:11
I have just bought a Fuji quickload holder for use primarily(almost exclusively) with Kodak b&w readyloads. May seem strange but was a strong recommendation fro m the supplier. I have tried using one of the readyloads and all worked fine exc ept the sleeve didnt quite seat properly in the groove at the bottom. Is this no rmal - I know a sample of one is not representative.


Bong Munoz
21-Nov-2001, 16:59
David, this topic was the subject of a recent discussion on rec.photo.equipment.largeformat. On one side was Steve Simmons who, in the latest issue of View Camera, claimed that it was fine to use Kodak Readyloads in Fuji QuickLoad holders. On the other was Paul Butzi who claimed otherwise (and had the numbers to back it up). Paul has an article on his website: http://www.butzi.net/reviews/ readyquick.htm (http://www.butzi.net/reviews/readyquick.htm).

Diego Rigatti
22-Nov-2001, 05:01

You can take a look at the Archives in the "Films and holders" section, under "Fuji Quickloads in new Kodak holder", where the issue has been discussed. I can add that pressing the metal clip before inserting the Readyload (and sometimes also after the shooting, by the middle of the Quickload window)increased my no-leaks rate up to 100%. Regards, Diego