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Walter Glover
20-Nov-2001, 21:05
A question addressed to the legion devotees of all models of Graphic Cameras and film holders. Have you ever pondered the pedigree of your particular camera, assuming you did not buy it new?

I was watching a doco on the telly last night about WWII in the Pacific. Footage ranged from malaya and Singapore to Hawaii and the USA and everywhere there were press/combat photographers wielding one manifestation or another of the Graphis - often with flash-gun and PF100s.

So what world shattering events did your Speed or Crown Graphic witness in its former life? Who owned it? A major organisation? A legend?

There are no answers; only interesting questions.

Cheers ... WG

Doug Paramore
20-Nov-2001, 21:36
Walter: I think of those news and combat photographers when we have a question on this forum about whether or not a LF camera can deliver when handheld. There were zillions of great pictures made with the Graphics, B&Js and other press cameras. I did my share of news photos, weddings, and whatever else with a Graphic. I was making pictures at the time when the press camera era ended, and through the MF and then 35mm era. I returned to the LF cameras several years ago just for the quality. There is no substitute for a big neg.

It would be nice if there were records available as to whom or what orginazation the camera was originally sold. As you state, who knows what piece of history they may have in their hands.


John Lehman
20-Nov-2001, 22:33
Well, my Graphics View II used to be owned by Forest Lawn cemetary in LA, so I expect it spent its previous life taking pictures of monuments and grave sites.

It's most recent project involved "impossible" perspective (from a 35mm viewpoint) for a publicity campaign for study abroad :-)

David Richhart
21-Nov-2001, 09:27
I read somewhere...possibly the Graflex website... that thousands of never used military Graphics were destroyed by the government at the end of WWII. It was an effort to prevent a glut of surplus cameras that would destroy the market for the manufacturer.

It's amazing how many well known photographs are the product of hand held Graphic, and I think that would be a great idea for a book. It could include all the old stories like the newspaper editor handing the kid a camera and a loaded filmholder... "One side to get the picture, and the other side in case you missed it". -Dave