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2-Sep-2009, 15:32
I'm trying to understand the directions for this developer. It says to develop sheets one at a time in open trays, and that the capacity of the working solution is 125 sheets of 4x5 for 51 liters of working solution, but that the working solution should be used within 3 minutes of mixing to obtain consistent results. My question is, how is this possible if the time for, say FP4 is 7 minutes, would I need to remix solution for each sheet? If so, how is this economical? I'm mainly concerned with the oxidation of WD2D+ in the trays.

Anyone out there able to offer some guidance? I can develop multiple sheets at a time, but I'm trying to get the most out of this developer per the instructions until I get the hang of it.

3-Sep-2009, 10:53
Hi David,
If you go on Steve Anchell Web Site http://www.anchellworkshops.com/ there's a forum section where you can ask question to John Wimberley concerning WD2D+ in trays.

3-Sep-2009, 12:00
Hi Dave,

First thank you for using WD2D+! I'll do my best to clarify the instructions. WD2D+ is a one-shot developer, and each time you mix a batch to develop film, you should begin development as quickly as possible - within 3 minutes - to help obtain consistent results. The reason is that the developer begins to oxidyze the moment the A and B solutions are mixed together, and if you wait too long, the developer begins to exhaust.

So, yes, you do need to remix for each sheet. Some folks claim good results developing several sheets at a time in a tray, by contantly shuffling the sheets of film. But that risks scratching the film, and producing uneven development since sometimes, an edge of a sheet of film will be sticking out of the stack and get more development than the center of the sheet. My personal method is this: I glue 4 - 5x7 trays inside a 16x20 tray. Then I mix enough WD2D+ at a time for all 4 and divide it among the 5x7 trays. With the lights off, I put a sheet in the top left tray, then at 15 second intervals, a sheet into each of the the other trays going clockwise. When the development time is up, I remove the top left sheet and place it in the stop bath, then at 15 sec. intervals going clockwise transfer the remaining sheets. I use 4-16x20 trays with 5x7 trays glued in: 1) prebath 2) developer 3) stop bath 4) fixer. This lets me develop 4 at a time with absolutely no risk of scratching or uneveness. But I do recommend practicing a while with the lights on until you get the hang of it!

I don't normally follow the forums, so please contact me if you have any further questions at tjwimberley@charter.net. Good luck with your photography!