View Full Version : 150 Year Old LF Camera in Daily Use in India (Story LA Times)

Andre Noble
2-Sep-2009, 14:15

Does he develop the film and prints inside the camera?

2-Sep-2009, 14:34
Yes, he does. What's even more amazing is the "Deluxe package", where he darkens the hair, or removes a wart, all guided by instinct.
You can't teach that stuff!

2-Sep-2009, 14:44
damn, somebody send that guy a new camera! it's held together with strings.

2-Sep-2009, 14:45
that is great, thanks for posting the link!

2-Sep-2009, 14:51
The working part seems to actually be a lens, shutter, front standard, track, and front door from a 1920s Voigtlander Avus (or similar).
Even so, it's still a hoot!

2-Sep-2009, 15:18
Great story, my thanks for finding and posting the link as well. I really like this line from the article;

"Digital cameras can never give such joy,"

Though I use digital occasionally, this is quite true as far as I am concerned.

4-Sep-2009, 07:18
here's some digital photos of one of these guys in action:

Ernest Purdum
5-Sep-2009, 10:54
These camera + processing box combinations do go back a very long ways and probably this one has been "updated". They have been in use in many places until surprisingly recently. (Their material cost is vastly less than Polaroid.) Mexico and Greece come immediately to mind. I've never been to Egypt but I recall having seen a picture of one of these units prominently in the foreground with the Great Pyramid behind.

I can't imagine anyone using one of these for daguerrotype work, but they have probably been used for every B&W process since.

2-Jan-2011, 11:32
i ran into another one of these guys in dehra dun this past year. the camera looks a little more ramshackle, including the no-name lens. but i thought some people might find these interesting.


Martin Miksch
2-Jan-2011, 12:41
maybe 30 years ago I was shot with such an "Instant camera" in Izmir/Turkey.

Steven Tribe
2-Jan-2011, 13:50
I was last "caught" by this sort of photographer as long ago as the early 1950's on the "Beach" promenade at Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. In India, I have always had time to raise my hand.
This was comparitively high technology as the results were posted on a temporary kiosk board after 3 hours further down the beach - near where all the day-trip coaches were parked. So there must have been a couple of photographers involved with centralised developing and printing. A good business at the time. The private ownership of cameras had not reached the levels of the better pre-war times and people were no longer very interested in the formal results of a studio visit.
This is, in fact, the only picture of me with my Grandfather. The print has stood up to the passage of time and amuses my Grandchildren too.

2-Jan-2011, 14:16
The street photographers in Cuba will also include Che in your photograph for a small extra fee.

4-Jan-2011, 07:01
Posted this in another thread, done by a colleague of said Indian photographer, also Jaipur, but opposite the Palace Of Winds as I recall..


4-Jan-2011, 20:03
they are taking these pictures in Havana also