View Full Version : shutter for red dot 240

2-Sep-2009, 13:20
I just found a goerz red dot 240mm f/9 lens in barrel, and after a quick google/forum search, I don't have a confirmed shutter that will fit--it looks like a copal 0, maybe a copal 1. Are there any ilex shutters that will fit it?


Chauncey Walden
2-Sep-2009, 16:12
The 1965 B&J catalog shows it available in a press, a Compur, or an Acme shutter but doesn't give the size.

Steve Hamley
2-Sep-2009, 16:49
They weren't standard sizes. They were designed long before Copal shutters became popular.

It might fit an Ilex #3, then again it might not. The Goerz barrel lenses frequently did not have the same cell threads as the shuttered lens cells.

I had a 10-3/4" (270mm) f:9 RDA custom mounted in a Copal #1 with a standard filter adapter (you do know it doesn't take standard screw-in filters?) and it's a very nice lens.

Cheers, Steve

Jim Galli
2-Sep-2009, 18:52
You will have to pay a machinist to make custom adapter bushings for whatever shutter you decide to use. I have one in a #1 Compur shutter but the #3 Ilex is most common I believe. It's usually no bargain to go this route. You're better off waiting for one in a shutter and paying the logical higher price.

Ernest Purdum
3-Sep-2009, 09:05
Since the Red Dot has a rather narrow view, it might be a good candidate for front mounting. This is simpler and much less expensive than having adapters for the cells made. The S.K. Grimes website has much information on front mounting.