View Full Version : modern multicoated lenses for super graphic?

eric herzlich
20-Nov-2001, 16:00
hello which multicoated lenses 90mm,135mm or 150mm,210mm lenses will fit the super graphic board and be able to close? thanks eric

David E. Rose
21-Nov-2001, 11:51
From personal experience- 90mm f8 Nikkor and 150mm f5.6 Fuji W fit the board but won't fold. The Osaka/Congo 120 f6.3 and 180 f6.8 do fit and fold.

21-Nov-2001, 13:57
Most of the new 150mm and 135mm lenses will fit and fold. I use a 150mm Nikkor. The 90mm are more problematic. I have a Nikkor 90mm f8, but it does not fold. I use a Rodenstock 210mm, which does fold, but many are too large. The 135mm and 150mm lenses should not pose much of a problem. I love Graphics with modern lenses.