View Full Version : how to store 4x5 chromes and negatives?

2-Sep-2009, 08:15
I did a search on this and wasn't entirely satisfied with the results. Sorry if I'm bringing up something that has already been hashed to death.

How do all of you store your chromes and negatives? So far I have just put my B&W negs in sleeves that I got (bad) chromes back in, but I'm hoping to improve quality enough that I'll need to get something else.

2-Sep-2009, 09:20
I use polyester slide lock sleeves. With these you don't have to slide the negatives into the sleeve and this reduces chances of scratches. I then place the sleeves in 3-ring scrapbook pages that I also store contact proofs of the negatives. I've gotten my sleeves from Archival Methods but I think there are other retailers with similar products, such as Light Impressions.

2-Sep-2009, 09:29
Print File pages or sleeves from the lab for 4x5 and 8x10 chromes. The sleeves are stored in film boxes and the Print File pages are store in black 3 ring binder clam shell cases.

Mark Woods
2-Sep-2009, 09:33
I juse the sleeves stored in file folders in a file cabinet (actually 2 file cabinets). The negs are time stamped with the date written either on the neg (large negs) or the sleeves (medium format and smaller). This has proved a great system for me. If the print is named, then the negs are filed alphabetically. If not named, then the event or person in the shot is used, again alphabetically.

2-Sep-2009, 09:44
Three ring binder and Print File sleeves. Nothing very exotic like the envelopes or boxes! :)

2-Sep-2009, 10:21
...and, of course, all of you guys are storing your processed film in the freezer --- right?