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joe a kras
20-Nov-2001, 02:50
I am going to South Florida (Miami) early in the new year. I have no choice but to fly. With all of the recent information I've read it doesn't seem like a good idea to take the film with me. So what I am looking for is a good reputable sup plier of film (4X5,8X10 and 35mm Kodak ektachrome 100vs) and a lab who can do 4- 6hr turn around time for processing. One more thing I just thought of, would it be safe to take polaroid materials, either as a carry on or checked item?

20-Nov-2001, 06:41

800 292-3664 Miami Location: (305) 534-4454

Andrew Cole
20-Nov-2001, 16:58
I used to live down there. The best lab I know of is in Coral Gables,Thompsons. Their phone is: (305) 443-0669. Don't know if they can turn the work around that quickly or not, but they're excellent.

Enrique Vila
22-Nov-2001, 16:03
I bougth some equipment and film back in march from PITMANS PHOTO, they are located on US1 near The Falls Mall. Don't have phone or exact addres, but they are listed on the local yellow pages.

10-Sep-2004, 16:59
8650 sw 132ndst is the adress to pitman photo btw