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1-Sep-2009, 16:33
Been away from the forums for a bit and busy photographing. For the past 8 yrs I've been working exclusively in color and have a few ideas recently that I'd like to try out in B+W. Since I've only worked with B+W roll films in the past I'd like some suggestions for a good sheet film.
Generally I am photographing exteriors or interiors in mixed lighting. Or portraits. Currently use Fuji 160 when I can and the Portra 400 for either portraits or very long exposures (some up to half an hour).
Thanks in advance.

1-Sep-2009, 16:38
You cannot go wrong with Tmx/Tmy. Ilford is good, but not quite the same quality control. Freestyle sells a lot of new eastern european emulsions. If you can stand an occasional bad sheet or two, EFKE is very interesting film.

1-Sep-2009, 16:44
My favorite was simple Tri X but did notice the Ilford and Efke. Never liked Ilford roll films much but things change ;)
What do you mean by interesting regarding the Efke?

1-Sep-2009, 17:06
Efke 25 is very fine grained and somewhat orthochromatic. Unlike any other 4x5 film that I have used. They also have full ortho film and IR film. Adox also has interesting products, including the revived Agfa 111 paper.

1-Sep-2009, 17:41
I'm many of you have seen this but nice mention and discussion of film and process.

George Kara
1-Sep-2009, 18:37
I must admit that Efke 25 is my favorite b&w now. It looks wonderful when developed using pmyk.