View Full Version : Super Speed Graphic ground glass hood

Jon Miller
20-Nov-2001, 01:41

I have a super speed graphic and the folding hood that inserts into the rotating back is falling apart. Does anybody know where I can get one of these. Alternat ively, is there any info on how to fix it yourself. The metal frame is intact, b ut the material is ripping and pulling away from the frame


Steve Wiley
20-Nov-2001, 09:01
I have the same problem. Try looking here: http://www.graflex.org/

20-Nov-2001, 09:32

What do you mean by falling apart?

Is it the fabric or the metal frame.

Yes, the Graphic website has good sources of parts and expertise. I just bought a Speed Graphic Super and that I was able to access a lot of info about my new machine there.


tim atherton
20-Nov-2001, 12:28
Unfortunately, the fabric hood on the SG is rather prone to damage (unlike the metal folding hood on other Graphics). (luckily mine is still good)

I have heard of people making replacements out of a suitable material. I somone found a very light leather and dyed it, or some slightyl stiff fabric or vinyl - try hunting around your local fabric or craft store. My Toyo hood is made out of some kind of material like this - though it's a bit stiffer and thicker than the Graphics.

You could always try asking a question on the Gralex.org forum.

Also, they do coem up on ebay every now and then.

Tim a