View Full Version : 2 Yr Old Undevoloped Maco IR 820c - Any Good?

Andre Noble
1-Sep-2009, 09:30

I exposed 20 or 30 sheets of Maco IR 820c sheet film about 2 years ago, and have kept the film in the fridge/freezer since because I moved into a really tiny apt. and have been unable to set up my Jobo/darkroom.

For any IR sheet film users out there - what kind of luck will I have when I do finally develop these sheets?

I know there wouldn't be a problem with normal B&W sheet film, but this is IR.

Thanks in advance for your musings...

1-Sep-2009, 09:38
Well, you won't know until you develop it, will you? I can tell you it will be fine or it won't but that doesn't really matter, does it? In my own experience with that film, it's been fine.

1-Sep-2009, 09:51
my guess is that you will not have any issues with it. I found an exposed roll of it in 120 that had been sitting in the bottom of an unused camera bag at room temp for at least a year and maybe two. It developed fine.

Phil Hudson
1-Sep-2009, 10:41
Again, not really answering your question but I have been using some outdated Maco 820 IR for a while with no visible problems (not even refrigerated). I haven't delayed processing more than a month or so but I wouldn't anticipate any serious problems.