View Full Version : 47mm Super Angulon on a 2x3 Graphic w/drop bed?

Peter Hughes
29-Mar-1999, 13:18
Does anyone know if a 47mm Super Angulon will work on a Graphic 2x3 with a drop bed?

John Lehman
29-Mar-1999, 19:24
It works fine with the Crown and Century; not the Pacemaker Speed (too thick). Since the front standard is inside the box, movements are limited. From personal experience (except that the problems with the Pacemaker Speed are from the manual).

Alec Jones
29-Mar-1999, 22:28
Yes, I had no problem using mine except it was too far back to use the rangefinder. The images are outstanding.

Warning! Get only the f5.6. The f8 version was a dog!

John Lehman
1-Apr-1999, 20:11
One of the writers for Shutterbug claims that the f/8 was a dog; he may be right, but mine works quite well, both on film and in checking the resolution of the aerial image with a microscope

Peter Hughes
1-Apr-1999, 23:27
Yes, it works fine. And the f/8 version looks quite good to me so far, a bargain at the $250 I paid for it.

John Hicks
2-Apr-1999, 11:53
The 47 f8 SA isn't a dog, it just only covers 6x6 at apertures wider than about f22.