View Full Version : filter size for 133mm Cooke Vb?

John Schneider
31-Aug-2009, 12:00
Does anybody know what size filter this takes? I measured the filter thread at about 29mm, which is not a standard step-up ring size according to B&H. Also, the thread looks a little coarse and the lead a little high for a standard modern mm-size filter or step-up ring.

IMO the lens barrel OD is too small to hang a press-on adapter. There's always the SK Grimes custom route, but I'd like to avoid that cost/delay.

Bob Salomon
31-Aug-2009, 12:59
28.5 x 0.5 is a standard size for Heliopan though it is a special order for a dealer. Price would be the same as a Heliopan 30.5mm which dealers should list. But SH-PMC and special types are not available. Just the regular warming, cooling, black and white contrast.

Should the thread actually be 28 x 0.75 or 30 x 0.75 or 30.5 x 0.75 then more types and coatings are available. Have you checked with Rod at Photomark?