View Full Version : Rebate From Kodak on B&W Films!

30-Aug-2009, 18:42
If, like me, you're shooting B&W films, Kodak is offering a $5 rebate thru December on the purchase of any five rolls of TMax, Plus-X, and Tri-X film. http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/products/blackWhiteIndex.jhtml?pq-path=13319/1231

Click on the rebate tab on the lower left.

Hey, five bucks is five bucks!!

30-Aug-2009, 19:21
Note: only good in the US of A

31-Aug-2009, 07:11
Hey, five bucks is five bucks!!

I'm cashing my check today. I appreciate Kodak's offer, and the 5 bucks! I only wish they would offer it for more than 1 purchase!

To those noting the "US only" caveat... I feel the same way with Fuji offers that are only valid in Japan and Ilford offers that are only valid in UK. :)

keith english
31-Aug-2009, 07:35
What's "roll" film? I thought film came in sheets!