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eric herzlich
19-Nov-2001, 06:38
hello i live on long island and am a creative weekend photographer i have never printed my own and do not have a darkroom so i take my 4x5s to a lab who tries to get me to use 120 and makes me wait i send my 120s to washington for 50% less than ny there is a great disconnection between the shoot and the print i am in my 40s and would be interested in finding someone who would make prints for me while i participated i would also love to make enlargements and show my prints thanks eric

David Richhart
19-Nov-2001, 20:07
Eric... have you considered a photo class at a local community college??? It's a reasonably inexpensive way to get some beginner dark room experience, plus the use of the equipment. Dave

Robert A. Zeichner
19-Nov-2001, 20:28
I think it was in Aaaron Suskind's "The Amateur Photographer's Handbook" that I saw a quote that very well applies here. It went something like this: "Owning a camera without a darkroom is a bit like owning a leash without a puppy". There is probably no other aspect of photography (with the possible exception of visiting some of the amazing places I photograph) that is more exciting to me than transforming those negatives into finished prints. I encourage you to enroll in an adult education program and get your hands wet. There is a ton of used equipment available and it would not cost a great deal to set up a darkroom. If I still lived in Fresh Meadows, I'd invite you over and show you how much fun it is. Go for it!

19-Nov-2001, 22:29
Howdy Eric! I was at the local 'used' photo store today and there's a ton of darkroom equipment available as lots of folks are going to the digital mode. I have always hated to 'follow the sheep' or in your case in Lon Guyland, follow the 'boids and toitles'.You can get started with your 4 by 5 either by printing contact sheets or a used enlarger for 4 by 5 for close to $500 as I see it. The bottles for the chemicals can be old clorox bottles or some used photographic bottles. I remember my father telling me about the trays that he made back in the 1920's from old wood cigar boxes that he shellaced. However, trays are found in the 'used' market all the time. I'm not sure how much the used Jobo tanks are for processing the negs but they are available as well as just letting your friendly lab JUST process the film and you do the printing. Possibly you might take a 'night' course at Nassau community college, or SUNY at Stoneybrook if you're at that end of the Island. I would bet that you can contact some of the 'bigger' camera shops there for information on a local camera club. The skies the limit dude! You didn't mention if you are doing black and white or color. The black and white darkroom would be very easy to setup! I set one up on a shoestring budget when I was about 12 or 13 years old. There are many many enthusiasts that will help you get started. The local lab in Dallas ships work out all over the country as well. They have a web site- http://www.bwc.net/

they also have a toll free number- 800 445-0264

the girl that runs the counter in dallas is named Christi and is very knowlegable.

You can download their price guide from their site as well.

best wishes! miles

20-Nov-2001, 13:14
eric i am outside of prov. ri, and there is a place downcity called as220 that gives photography classes, has a "gang darkroom" (that you can rent time at), and gallery spaces for people to hang their art. outside of boston there is a similar place called the boston photo co-op, they too offer classes. and darkroom space. maybe there is a place like this near you, if there isn't a community college nearby that has classes. - john