View Full Version : Shen hao 8x10 camera and Schneider 150mm XL lens

30-Aug-2009, 13:53
I have owned a shen hao for some time now and finally went out to shoot today. I tried using my 150mm Schneider XL lens and noticed that the bed of the camera shows up in the frame. Can anyone familiar with the shen hao 8x10 suggest which of the positions the lens mount board should be screwed into?

30-Aug-2009, 14:36
Doesn't the rear standard move forward on sliders?

30-Aug-2009, 14:54
I tried that. i was hoping someone had a particular location for the front standard.

30-Aug-2009, 15:07
Okay, sorry. So the rear standard won't move forward enough to allow use of a 150mm? Maybe if you tilt both the rear and front standards back at the same angle and tilt the entire camera forward. Of course, you'll need some front rise to compensate for the offset.

30-Aug-2009, 15:55
One thing I would try first: put the lens as forward as posible and than move the back.
If you can not focus at infinity: move the back as much forward and move the lens back untill in focus.

It will require some experimenting though.

Otherwise use the "drop the bed and lean the back back method".
In that case you will need to raise the lens though.


30-Aug-2009, 17:40