View Full Version : Back from Yosemite/High Sierras

29-Aug-2009, 09:10
Finally back from my trip to the Sierras (some of you may recall my earlier thread re: equipment suggestions). It was absolutely the most AMAZING experience ever. I've never felt such an intense, intimate connection with the landscape. Leaving was very difficult.

I ended up taking the Canham 5x7 and the 35mm. One thing I learned was that I don't get out and use the 5x7 often enough. Setting up was kinda slow and it was hard to visualize exactly the field of vision for each of my lenses. I'd try them all before settling on one. I used my viewing card until it was caught on a branch and ripped in half. A few days there were EXTREMELY windy and smoke from nearby wildfires obscured the grand vistas..so I ended up focusing on the more intimate details of the landscape. Haven't developed any of the 5x7 negs yet...hopefully tonight.

Lots of people taking photos...but did not see a single large format camera other than my own. Many people were insanely curious about the camera but I was happy to answer questions.

Flying with the camera was no problem...went through xray without a second glance. Shipped the Ries tripod out and back via UPS which worked out great.

Whoa Nellie Deli is still very alive and well...had some fantastic meals.

Altitude took some getting used to....walk a few feet, stop, catch breath...walk a few feet, stop...by third day was doing much better.

Overall, this was the experience of a lifetime....I will definitely be going back...soon.

John Kasaian
29-Aug-2009, 09:32
Whoa Nellie Deli! Whoa Nellie Deli! Got to go! Got to go! :D

Oh yeah, glad to hear you had a successful trip! :)

BTW, the altitude can be used to you're advantage---it'll give you more bang for your wine buck!

29-Aug-2009, 12:52
Glad you had the opportunity, and a nice trip! We'll be looking for some images once you get them processed.

Yes, the smoke has been really bad (it's nasty here in the foothills today due to the fire in Yosemite). I'm glad you were able to concentrate on the intimate details, though. One could spend a lifetime exploring the Sierra's nooks and crannies.


Jim Fitzgerald
29-Aug-2009, 20:39
Glad you had a great time. Yosemite is my favorite place. I can't wait to get back there starting in October. More than likely the 2nd week with my son. I think I'll take the 11x14 this time. The week before I'm taking a trip up the east side of the Sierra and can not wait to eat at the Whoa Nelli Deli! Man is the food great or what! I think on that trip all three of the cameras are going!